On its own tiny island that you can walk around in 30 minutes, Trogir’s historic core, a UNESCO World Heritage site, is in a word, astonishing. Founded by Greeks in the 3rdC BC, the symbol of the town is the Greek god Kairos. A relief with his image found here can be seen in the Benedictine Monastery. Few places on earth have had so much money spent by so few people in such a small area to showcase their wealth and power. The Cathedral of St. Lawrence is the town’s jewel and it took 400 years to finish.
Beginning with its supernatural entrance portal carved in 1240 replete with serpents, demons, life size nudes of Adam and Eve, a four year old Jesus being given a way too hot bath to the literal face of God looking down at you from a basilica ceiling inside, the magic and mystery here is profound. The main square medieval architectural ensemble, stone paved winding alleys, richly ornamented facades, original Venetian-era city walls and Kamerlengo Fortress are fabulous.