Omiš is one of the most picturesque and fascinating towns in Central Dalmatia. Its sheer physical beauty–the Dinara mountain range behind Split that snakes its way down the coast practically swallows the town when it gets here—is matched by its unusual history of being the home of the Adriatic’s most successful and feared pirates! For almost two centuries, Omiš pirates raided shipping from as far away as Venice, and even attacked papal galleons sailing to Palestine.
So powerful that in 1221 Pope Honorius III organized a crusade against them—and lost. No wonder cities large and small decided it was better to pay tribute rather than lose their ships. Today, Omiš is still all about adventure—whitewater rafting, free climbing, hiking, zip lines and more. The winding back street old town, ancient churches and burial grounds; a very good town beach and all that adventure make it a perfect day trip by car or #60 bus direct from Split’s Green Market.