Klis – the fortress and were Game of Thrones is filmed!

Klis Fortress, now internationally famous as a Game of Thrones site, is one of Croatia’s most important and celebrated strongholds. Impossibly built atop the narrow spine of a craggy butte overlooking the city and the surrounding area between Mosor and Kozjak mountains, it’s easy to see why it has been such a defensive prize since the 2ndC BC.

In 10AD, the great Roman Emperor Augustus used it to keep the Dalmatians in line.

More than 600 years later, it fell to the Avars and Slavs, enabling them to overrun the nearby capital of the Roman Empire in Dalmatia, Salona, today’s Solin.  Largely restored and significantly enlarged, the views down the valley to Split and the sea beyond are thrilling—especially at sunset.

Best of all, it’s just 15 minutes from Split by highway or the old Klis road where locals from far and wide come to enjoy spit roasted lamb. You can also get here via the highway, without tolls, just get off at the Klis exit and follow the signs to Klis Fortress, just five minutes away.