Meet our family

The Agava is designed and built by the Mišerda family, after years of experience in construction. Now we`ve decided to share our knowledge and experience designing and building our new hotel—the Agava, named after the luxuriant succulent cactus that grows all over the coast and whose leaves are used to create a fine delicate lace, a cultural tradition practiced here since the time of the Renaissance.

What an exciting time for us—finding, restoring and creating a beautiful new 4 star luxury hotel!


After gathering a team of experts, we found a spectacular 500 year old noble residence in the city’s oldest neighborhood, Varoš, on Babina street. Inside this ruin, we even discovered 1,700 year Roman artifacts! Deciding how to preserve as much as possible, working with conservators and historic preservation experts, was an enormous challenge.

Each stone, beautiful brick arch, staircase had to be evaluated and carefully restored.


What couldn’t be saved was integrated with modern materials and technology to create not only the feeling of a Renaissance villa, but a contemporary hotel with all the latest technology. We’re a young, professional team thrilled to be a part of this unique project.

Welcome to the Agava, and our family and friends who are all dedicated to making your stay with us a wonderful memory of Split’s classic Mediterranean character!