Križeva street Agava Annex

In addition to our hotel on Babina Street, we also have created a 4 star luxury annex, also in Varoš in Križeva street, inside of an 18thC building. The view from the windows here really gives you the feeling of Varoš, the red tile rooftops, hand-cut stones and a belltower of one of the famous ancient churches here.

The stone we found on the original walls here are more than 300 years old! Again, working with conservators, we were able to keep as much of them as possible, making sure that all the modern conveniences guests require, were added as creatively as possible to ensure both the feeling of tradition and welcoming comfort.

Special notice:


In Križeva street Agava Annex all rooms are located on the third and fourth floor.

Although the historic nature of the building prohibits an elevator, all guest luggage will be brought to the room, and brought downstairs on check out, without charge.